You’re in a rush to get married as if that will bring you that happiness you’ve been searching for. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you…


Marriage cannot or will not fill a pre existing hole that is in your heart. As a matter of fact, marriage exposes all the character issues we have.

You can never find true happiness IN someone else. That comes from within and above.

…but you probably wouldnt believe a little ol’ blogger like myself.


This is why I’ve concluded that I’m no longer in a rush to be married, and I’m pretty much over the “dear God why am i STILL single?” conversations. Sure, I still have my “n-words ain’t sh*t” conversations but…that’s just for sport lol. 

My non-rushing has a lot to do with me working on these character flaws of mine. Gotta get them smoothed out a bit so I don’t wreak havoc on my future husband. He deserves better :)